The Future of VANQUISH


As it is very apparent now, since the latest content patch was released this week, VANQUISH will not be raiding this tier. During the entire Warlords of Draenor expansion, we struggled with recruitment to the point of having a raiding roster of 18 during Highmaul “progression” and settling around 20 – 22 during Blackrock Foundry. While progressing on Mythic Blast Furnace, I told our team that we would be extending the lockout until Blackhand is defeated, and just like that, our roster of 21 turned into a roster of 17. It was too close to 6.2 to find new recruits, that aren’t absolutely horrible at the game, and continue progressing as normal. Since it was clear we were not going to be killing Blackhand before 6.2, it was important for us to allow the people, who were loyal to the guild, to find a new home before the patch and experience the end of the tier without feeling guilty about leaving.

However extremely unlikely, it is a possibility that we might get into the raiding scene for the next expansion, but as for Hellfire Citadel, we will not be participating. Do not fret though! A few of us will still be sporting our guild pride playing some very casual World of Warcraft.

I started this guild when I was 24-years-old and next month I’m turning 35-years-old. At this point in my life, playing games while being attached to some kind of schedule is getting more and more difficult. During our raiding “career”, we started by raiding up to 7 days a week, then 5 days week, then 4 days a week, and for the last two expansions, we were down to 3 days a week. Inevitability has taken its course.

Over the years, this guild has literally just turned into a type of “retirement home” for old members.  Players that have gotten out of the “raiding scheduled life” and into a more managable gaming lifestyle. VANQUISH is now, for the first time, going to focus on multiple games of different genres, instead of just one game and just one gaming style. Since we have stopped raiding in World of Warcraft, we have been focusing on games that do not require a timesheet and the change is absolutely glorious.

To all of our friends and fans throughout our World of Warcraft career, we thank you for your support and we love you all — don’t be strangers! To all our haters, I’m sorry to disappoint you and I will personally miss you the most.

If you have a desire to play any of these “play/walk-away type games” (Marvel Heroes, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma 3, Day Z, H1Z1, Overwatch) and you’re looking for a team to play with, feel free to contact us via our public forums!

VQGUILD.NET will become a hub for players representing the many different games we’re playing, and most importantly, to find players of the same caliber to play with. The website will slowly be undergoing changes to reflect our new interests and the guild will remain intact. As long as there is something in some game that needs to be vanquished, we will be there in some fashion.