Classic Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in VANQUISH, on the Herod US realm (Alliance). This is a formal application meant to help us find players who might be a good fit for the guild, and streamline the initial recruitment process. To help save us both time, please be honest and thorough in your answers. Prior to the application questionnaire please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our expectations of our raiders and the type of guild you’re potentially applying to with the information below.

For CLASSIC our raids begin at 8:00 PM EST (invites at 7:30) on Fridays... Depending on available content, we also may raid on Mondays at 8 PM as well.

Our guild community and general raid atmosphere is something very valuable to us. If you’re a consistently negative person, or someone with a generally bad attitude, this guild will not be a good fit for you. We do take our raiding time seriously though, and a “thin skin” will not serve you well.

Overall, VANQUISH is a performance-based guild. We expect people to play well and maintain respectable logs of encounters each week. Failure to do so will eventually get new recruits demoted to a non-raiding rank in our guild.