[12/12M] Mythic N’zoth VANQUISHED

The year 2020 has given us a global pandemic, burning cities, murder hornets, and one of the worst raids in the existence of the worst expansion World of Warcraft has ever seen.

After 396 attempts, we are the 21st guild in the world to ever kill this boss without using a discipline priest! I’m not salty about losing our priest mid-progress, not at all. Nope. I hate priests.

Congratulations to everyone involved on the kill and hopefully we have more priests going into Shadowlands! Until next tier…

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[8/8M] Mythic Azshara has been VANQUISHED

This wouldn’t be a end-tier boss for VQ if we didn’t have a 20-man or less roster to finish out the tier. After losing a handful of veterans due to the RL boss, we struggled through Azshara but still managed to kill her in under 300 attempts. The team really came together for this kill and it showed. Congratulations to everyone involved in this, and the people outside the guild who subbed in when we needed help (<3 Cerbi/Boxx).

That being said, being alliance sucks. The pool of alliance players is so small and so low-quality that we have hit a breaking-point. As an alliance guild, you basically have to wait for other guilds to die, in order to find quality recruits. It’s ridiculous. It sucks so bad, that after 16 years of being alliance, we have abandoned our fundamental beliefs to increase chances of finding quality recruits.

If you’re a hardcore player looking for a more casual schedule, if you’re already in a raiding guild looking for a weekend guild for your alternate character, or if you’re a casual player looking for a group of players to play with outside of our mythic raids — apply today.


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[7/11M] Mythic Kin’garoth VANQUISHED

It’s been awhile since our last update, I’ve basically been waiting on a boss that might deserve a news post. The first six bosses of this tier have been extremely disappointing.  Kin’garoth wasn’t super difficult, but the retard-check required definitely deserves a spot on the front page. Congratulations to everyone involved! We’re still recruiting for […]

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