We finally have a date for the next World of Warcraft expansion.

We have been through the ringer this year and we’re now ready to hit the ground running in Warlords of Draenor. If you are interested in joining the unstoppable force known as VANQUISH, submit an application before it’s too late!

Our heroic SoO sales are going strong and we’ve dropped our prices to reflect the upcoming expansion as well. If you need achievements, loot, the kor’kron juggernaut or your heroic heirloom before the expansion lands, contact us @ Onslaught#1285



On March 4th, VANQUISH was met with the biggest act of betrayal I had ever seen throughout my nine years of leading this guild. An ultimatum was given to us by our former raid leader that would have resulted in me giving away a guild, that I’ve led for almost a decade now, to a member who had been raiding with us for less than one year. VANQUISH is an idea. An idea that exceptional and determined players can have a stable gaming community that they can enjoy with other like-minded gamers. Last month, a few snakes in the grass attempted to destroy this guild but unfortunately for them, ideas truly are bulletproof.

The core of VANQUISH remained intact, however, we did have to recruit over 18 extremely patient players who could understand our situation and saw what we were ultimately trying to achieve.

I’m pleased to announce that we have, once again, killed heroic Garrosh Hellscream. Congratulations to the new and improved raid team and I’d also personally like to express my own gratitude to the players who remained loyal to the guild, dedicated to the idea. You guys are exactly what it means to be VANQUISH and I’m looking forward to playing with all of you in the upcoming expansion.


[14/14H] Garrosh Hellscream VANQUISHED



U.S. #40 on a 12 hour a week schedule.

We will be recruiting throughout the rest of Mists of Pandaria to continue farming Siege of Orgrimmar and to continue refining our roster for the upcoming expansion. If you’re interested in applying, visit our recruitment forums today!

Congratulations to the team on a job well-done!

[12/14H] Siegecrafter VANQUISHED


A very satisfying kill for us, great job to the team!

Still recruiting for the rest of this expansion and the next, visit our recruitment forums today!

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